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About IBIS Power

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We believe the world should run completely on renewable energy. Every person deserves to have access to affordable, sustainable power which is the foundation of a prosperous lifestyle. To ensure a healthy future for everyone, we design and engineer technologies that bring human energy needs into harmony with nature.

IBIS Power challenges the status quo of today’s renewable energy market with disruptive, decentral, innovative, clean power systems. We’re building a world where clean energy is democratized for everyone. Our breakthrough solutions confront high energy costs, emissions, power shortages, and limited energy access. Our revolutionary designs use cutting-edge wind + solar technology maximizing renewable power output in any climate to reduce the world’s reliance on fossil fuels. We’re committed to making renewables accessible and affordable by:

Designing high-quality, hybrid, decentralized energy systems

Creating architectural integrated solutions in design and lifestyle

Delivering low-maintenance & easy-to-use products that are built to last

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Years invested in wind tech research & development

IBIS Power was the first company to harness the Venturi Effect with economical and efficient design


International Awards Won

We’re recognized worldwide for our groundbreaking clean energy innovation


Modules planned for rooftops in the Netherlands

That’s just our opening market, now we’re expanding across Europe and over to the USA


Countries where we have active partnerships

Demand for PowerNEST is increasing across the globe


Our Story

IBIS Power is “Redesigning Renewable Energy” with high-yield power systems.

From our HQ in Eindhoven, Netherlands, we design innovative products that generate significantly more electricity than other renewables on the market. We use state-of-the-art technology to create intelligent energy systems that efficiently tame nature’s power. IBIS is using smart design to build an energy-resilient future for everyone, because the world deserves gas independence. Since our founding in 2012, we’ve pioneered two groundbreaking products:

PowerNEST – This roof installation sits atop 5+ story buildings gracefully capturing wind & solar energy. Born from a need to bring sustainable power to urban environments, PowerNEST produces 6x more energy than solar panels alone. It’s an on-site renewable energy system capable of fully powering medium- and high-rise buildings. The open-air layout of PowerNEST uses facade upflow and the Venturi Effect to silently increase wind speed over its turbine. Bi-facial arrangement of the solar canopy grabs more sunlight and wind keeps the panels naturally cool. The modular units of PowerNEST can easily arrange to fit available roof space and they can be customized to match a building’s style and local weather conditions. Plug-and-play storage and energy management systems are built in. We assemble it quickly and can install it in one day. By combining these design elements (and more), PowerNEST makes off-grid energy independence possible.

It’s an easy way to make a building more resilient while cutting its reliance on fossil fuels and gasoline.

PowerRESPONSE – This portable unit is designed for locations with zero energy access. PowerRESPONSE generates wind & solar electricity wherever it’s set up, like a generator fueled by renewables. This mobile system is ready to self-deploy in remote, post-disaster, wartorn, and refugee areas where access to reliable power can be the difference between life and death. PowerRESPONSE delivers on-site, renewable energy for emergency and disaster teams in challenging locations.

These two revolutionary products are just the beginning of the IBIS Power story. We’re developing more solutions that democratize renewable energy for the entire world. Our international team has grown from 4 to 11, and we add new job vacancies as we expand. As a part of H2020 SME Phase 2, our PowerNEST application received the second-best score in Europe, a 14.35 out of 15. It earned the high-mark of “Excellent” in the categories of Innovation, Sustainability, Impact, and Business Plan. IBIS Power is currently seeking capital investors, and partners in production & distribution, to accelerate our robust growth in the global market.

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The Idea Behind IBIS

IBIS Power was founded by Dr. Alexander Suma around the idea for his Integrated Wind Roof Energy System, which we lovingly call PowerNEST. Dr. Suma invented PowerNEST while studying at the University of Miami College of Engineering, where an Ibis is the university mascot. Like many birds, the Ibis is incredibly sensitive to wind speed and direction. But the Ibis is the only animal on Earth capable of tracking the eye of a hurricane. They have the highest hurricane survival rate, despite being the last to leave and the first to return when a big storm blows through. Among the birds, we believe the Ibis is the most weather-resilient, in addition to being quite elegant. At IBIS Power, we strive for those same qualities.

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