Design & Engineering

Every day we get up to help our clients advance in their transition to becoming sustainable.

We connect core engineering services with specialty expertise to address extreme conditions and threats, achieve higher performance and life safety levels, reduce construction and operating costs.

We stand by our clients as technical experts throughout the development cycle, from initial site studies to design to construction and commissioning. Collaborating with planners, architects, consultants, program managers, and construction managers to deliver high-performance buildings. Our engineering and design serviced consist of:

  • Design and customize the PowerNEST modules to the buildings fit.
  •  Work out the main load-bearing design.
  •  Consult on solutions for structural securities with the PowerNEST.
  •  Determine the reaction forces concerning stability bandage, building height, wind area, orientation, and installation size.

To elaborate on the energy yields from solar and wind. We use the final building design to determine the monthly and annual energy potential, the various decentralized energy generation options, and the influences of the economic model.


Businessman interacts with augmented reality graphics while deeply reviewing a financial report for a return on investment or investment risk analysis.

Our goal is to find the best solution for you regardless of what product is the best to meet your demands.

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