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VDW Turbines

The VDW Turbine comes at different sizes and is certified according to the International standards for generating wind energy in urban environments. VDW turbines are up to 40% more efficient than similar vertical axe turbines and can be installed within a few hours to start generating wind energy and reduce your energy costs. Unlike PV panels, VDW turbines generate sustainable energy 24/7 all year around. The VDW turbine is so designed that is doesn’t give any disturbances to its environment and is aesthetically justified. VDW turbines can be ordered in different types so it will always fit with your energy demands. VDW turbines have been widely used to provide distributed power for a variety of applications around the world, such as on- or off-grid residences, telecommunication systems, street lighting systems, remote monitoring systems and other purposes that require energy where there is no electric grid, or where the grid is unstable.

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VDW Turbines in Dordrecht

The first masts enter the air for the wind turbines in Dordrecht


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