PowerNEST installation day at Haasjeover in Eindhoven 2022

On Wednesday 13 July, the last PowerNEST modules were installed on the 70-meter high roof of Haasje Over at Strijp-S in Eindhoven. A PowerNEST is an architectural integration of wind turbines in a modular roof structure with solar panels on top. This Dutch innovation is unique in capturing and accelerating the façade interacting wind flows into the turbines and under the solar panels creating optimum efficiency in energy generation. For the first time, bi-facial panels will be used to also harvest solar energy from internal light reflections increasing the solar output by 20-30%. PowerNEST at Haasje Over consists of four wind turbine modules and 296 solar panels that are estimated to generate no less than 140 MWh per year. It took three days to lift PowerNEST, ten modules, and a few weeks to connect the system.

Innovative collaboration

“With the challenges in the field of sustainability and the energy transition, Trudo has opted for an innovative and new product. Hopefully, a real game changer in this area, because the world needs that,” said Theo van Kroonenburg, director of Trudo. “We have entered into an innovative partnership and hope for good results. We will share our findings with the sector and with the Sustainability Pact, the partnership of the Eindhoven housing associations, and the municipality of Eindhoven.”

Largest PowerNEST

Alexander Suma, CEO and founder of IBIS Power: “QUOTE” e.g.: “We are extremely proud that we can now place the largest innovative PowerNEST to date, right in the heart of the Brainport region. The combination of solar and wind energy, but also using the advantages of cooling by wind and thereby generating a higher energy yield, make this product ideally suited for installation on higher buildings. In addition, the wind turbines also work at night and in the months with little to no sun.”


The PowerNEST results from the Trudo Urban Electric Powerplant (TrUE Power) project, a collaboration between Trudo and the innovative developers’ IBIS Power and OpenRemote. This project was made possible in part thanks to subsidies from the government and the European Union (SDE++ and OPZuid) and thanks to supporting from Stimulus.

Lifting PowerNEST

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