Ibis Power,PowerNEST

Highrise running buildings running on renewable energy is not a dream, it is reality with PowerNEST

PowerNEST Solution uses wind and solar energy in progress for Zadkine College in Rotterdam-Alexander. Highrise buildings running on renewable energy is not a dream anymore, it’s a reality with IBIS Power invention #PowerNEST and partnership with @Rabobank @Greenbusinessclub Rotterdam Alexander @ZadkineCollege. PowerNEST is installed on the roof of Zadkine College. The opening event was a fantastic success on March 8th, 2019.

PowerNEST at Rottedam

At the roof at Zadkine College! OV-Strike or not, at TCR the lessons of Paul John. Students  learn about  the Power Nest, a breakthrough project in the context of the Rotterdam Energy transition