About PowerNEST

PowerNEST generates 6 times more energy than solar panels for buildings 5 stories and higher.

IBIS Power introduces the breakthrough solution supplying the needed energy for high rises. PowerNEST is more efficient than other existing renewable systems as it makes use of both wind and sun, integrated in a single solution. It generates as much energy as possible on the limited roof space of high-rises, delivering an attractive payback time. In addition, PowerNEST can be customized to blend with the architectural design thus increasing the aesthetical value of the building.

How does it work?

PowerNEST is designed to solve the emerging energy problem of buildings from 5 levels and higher. Today’s solar technology is only able to power buildings up to 3 levels due to the limited roof space and the presence of ventilation pipes and other installations. In a practical case you can only use maximum 40% of the available roof space for solar panels. PowerNEST solves this issue by lifting the roof area 4.8 meters up and even extend from the roof edge making +100% of the total roof area available for solar. Under the solar roof a lined up installation of funnels and turbines is installed along the roof edge to capture the façade interacting flow and accelerate it towards the turbines. This ensures highest efficiency due to a concentrated air flow with increased wind speed, and introduces more operational hours as the turbine startup speed is reached more often. The problem of turbulence that most small wind mills in the urban environment suffer is also reduced as the turbulence intensity is reduced by the funneling. In addition, the wind flow cools the solar panels from the bottom to increase their annual efficiency as well. This together results that PowerNEST generates more than 6 times more energy per area and is a full roof solution. PowerNEST can generate in the Dutch coastal area sufficient energy during the winter and summer to supply buildings of 14 stories, making it for the first time possible to become a zero energy high rise building with an attractive payback time.

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  • Wind and Solar Power Combined
  •  Architecturally Integrated
  • More Power per  roof space on High Building Roofs (>5 floors)
  •  Your Personal Touch to the Design
  •  Future Power and Cost Reliable
  •  Minimum Noise or Vibrations
  • Increase Economic and Aesthetics Building Value
  • Save cost on roof degradation

Road of Innovations

PowerNEST is an award-winning product that has received an impressive list of grants and awards since the first product idea and concept was invented by our CEO, Dr. Alexander Suma, during his PhD at the University of Miami in 2009. Dr. Suma came up with the idea due to his frustration of the 24/7 running air conditioners on the street he lived in Miami. Realizing there are 6 million people living in the Miami-Dade area who all use air conditioners, he believed this..

Videos of PowerNEST

We prepare a playlist where you can learn more about PowerNEST – how it works, technology insights, architectural integration, virtual tour, results, and many more. Check our page or visit our IBIS Power channel on YouTube.

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