PowerNEST generates 6x More Energy by Aerodynamically Enhanced Wind & Solar Energy

PowerNEST unique features


Adding up efficiency:

1. Solar roof with canopies result in >100% use of roof space

2. Venturi Accelerated Wind Energy​ adding another +50% power/year

3. Induced cooling of solar​ adding  +10-15% solar power/year

4. Reflection solar bi-facial​ / +20-30% solar power/year

PowerNEST Benefits

Green Investment

  1. Meets BENG/NZEB regulations
  2. Lifetime 20-50 years (steel structure)
  3. Payback time 7-10 years
  4. All year available energy source
  5. Reduces required battery capacity
  6. Replaces Diesel generator back-up

Additional Savings by roof shadow

  1. 38% reduced cooling demand on top floor
  2. 10% more efficient cooling utilities overall
  3. Extended roof lifetime


  1. Integrated and customizable
  2. Named “Crown on the building”
  3. Show-cases your sustainability vision
PowerNEST benefits

Bird & bat-friendly

  1. Bird/bat rich environment zero casualties
  2. No nesting in PowerNEST

Carbon savings

  1. Carbon payback time 2,5 years​​
  2. Annually saves energy consumption 133 tons CO2 per roof (7)



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