PowerNEST Walking Tour
We offer group tours where you can learn about PowerNEST technology. The IBIS Power team will introduce you to the technology and answer your questions.

PowerNEST Q&A Walking Tour

In the past few months, we organized a PowerNEST Q&A walking tour at Strijp-S, Eindhoven. We’re inviting groups who are interested in learning about PowerNEST technology before it will be lifted to the Haasjeover building.

We bring groups on-site to experience the massiveness of the technology and what it looks like to harvest wind and generate electricity. At the site, there are 10 modules, including PowerNEST and PowerNESTSolar. The height of each module is 4 m, and the width is 3m.

The tour is designed for those who are interested in sustainability and green technology. Learn what PowerNEST is, its benefits, and how it works.

Walking Tour includes:

This will include a presentation of PowerNEST, details about the technology, a story of the company, and answering your questions. During a tour, you are allowed to take photos.

Tour Duration: approximately 45 minutes

Our tour is available for the following 4 weeks before PowerNEST will be lifted. Take a chance to visit the site!

For corporate groups, the price is €250

Individual tours upon request 


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PowerNEST Walking Tour
PowerNEST walking tour
PowerNEST walking tour
PowerNEST walking tour
PowerNEST walking tour