TRUE Power: Trudo Urban Electric Powerplant

TrUE Power: Trudo Urban Electric Powerplant
Housing associations play an essential role in the development of urban areas. Woonstichting Sint Trudo is developing two residential towers on the former PHILIPS site of Strijp-S in Eindhoven: “Haasje Over” and “Trudo Toren”. Within this project, Trudo and the technical developers IBISPower and OpenRemote are joining forces and demonstrating a decentralized sustainable energy system: the Trudo Urban Electric Powerplant.

The PowerNEST is an invention of Eindhoven tech starter IBISPower. The PowerNEST combines wind and solar energy in one. This combination is accompanied by significant synergistic benefits resulting in a greater energy gain than the sum of its parts:

  • Actively cooled solar panels increase efficiency;
  • The energy yield increases via Venturi’s accelerated wind;
  • The wind and sun combination reduces dependence on weather;
  • High energy yield because obstructions (wind and shade) are eliminated;
  • Roof installations (air conditioning, etc.) become more efficient as a result of shade;
  • The usable solar surface increases by a factor of 2.5.

In collaboration with Eindhoven tech company OpenRemote, the proceeds of the PowerNEST will be enhanced. By combining PowerNEST with a product that efficiently links the generated renewable energy to the local energy demand, the electricity grid is relieved and peak times are smoothed out. It also creates a sustainable social awareness and social cohesion.

The world faces a huge challenge with regard to the environment and CO2 emissions. Countries must pull out all the stops to make a transition to sustainable energy. The Dutch Climate Agreement and the European Green Deal endorse the need to develop sustainable energy sources. Deploying and scaling up wind and solar energy is crucial in this regard. In addition, due to the overload of electricity grids, it is necessary to look at locations where generation and use are close to each other, namely in urban areas.

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