Offices use 60 – 110 kWh / m2 / year


Traditional solar on roofs produce average kWh / m2 / year


PowerNEST produces 250 – 400 kWh/m2/year


Dutch government will reduce its energy use by 2020

The Long-Awaited Breakthrough Renewable Energy Solution

for High-Rise Buildings

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Public Buildings

PowerNEST is easily installed on existing and new buildings of 5 levels and higher without any need for structural adjustments. PowerNEST generates up to 6 times more energy than traditional solar roof applications by intelligently making use of both wind and sun. By a smart design of wind funnelling, maximising the solar application area, and active panel cooling, it is the most efficient technology available for high-rise buildings. In practice, this means that PowerNEST can supply all electric or gas heating demand up to 14 buildings levels with renewable energy year round, while traditional solar only 2 to 3 levels during day and summer time.

PowerNEST (™) is a patent protected technology with many years of development leading to a highest quality and reliable product, highest area-efficient renewable energy technology, and with most attractive payback time to upgrade high-rise buildings.


Innovative Green Renewable Solar and Wind Solutions

PowerNEST 1.0 has firstly been tested for 12 months in the Eemshaven, Groningen, after which it was transported to be placed on a 10 storey residential building at the Henriettedreef in Utrecht. The test in Utrecht started in July 2017 and has lasted more than 12 months where our emphasis laid on the residents experience. On the left you can see the first-hand experience of the building residents Tineke, Marijke, and Wim who live right under PowerNEST, and the building owner representative Andre van Leeuwen of Bo-Ex Woningstichting.

10 Great Reasons to choose a PowerNEST

  • Upgrade the building to meet the new sustainability standard (2023)
  • International Award Winning Innovative Technology
  • Wind and solar combined optimum power on your roof
  • Customisable looks to blend with the architecture
  • Activate your roof for an attractive business case
  • Visible green investment with attractive payback time
  • For new and existing construction
  • Extending the building life time
  • Reduce and secure energy cost
  • Day and night / summer and winter power coverage
VV Valkenbrug

Time left to upgrade your building to Energy Label C

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5 Whitney night


Beautiful roof addition on a museum

1 Cornerstone


Existing buildings are easily upgraded

Are you interested in PowerNEST?

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PowerNEST Power Potentials

The potential power output on your building depends on the local solar and wind availability. In order for our team to determine the power potential on your building, send us the following information:

New Construction

  • Address of location
  • Building type: residential / office / public
  • Building owner, architect and builder
  • Building plan with orientation
  • Roof plan with roof dimensions
  • Building height
  • 3D visual
  • Information about new constructions around your plan
  • Your motivation for a PowerNEST
  • Current cost of electricity (ct/kWh)

Existing Buildings

  • Building address
  • Building type: residential / office / public
  • Are you owner or resident
  • Roof plan with dimensions
  • Roof height or at least number of floor levels
  • Your motivation for a PowerNEST
  • Current cost of electricity (ct/kWh)

Frequently Asked Questions