Existing renewable energy solutions do not meet the expectations of energy customers today

Remote Solar & Wind Farm Solutions

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No compliance with BENG/nZEB government regulations

Expensive due to infrastructure upgrades in rural areas

Windmills have long lead times of ±7 years

Farms are not welcome close to living areas

Recycling wind blade materials is not possible

Grid management is driving up the electricity price for families and industry

Roof Solutions

Low energy potential due to insufficient space on roofs

Wind is badly affected by turbulence & roof edge flow separation

High cost of connecting

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The Problem

Medium to High-rise buildings do not have sufficient roof space for solar panels

The installations on the roof  have a maximum 40% for solar panels, just enough for electric energy, 2 building levels

Façade solar is half efficient with double OPEX and CAPEX

Apartment residents have no roof/façade ownership

Grid Solr panels generates 10% the power in December compared to August

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Making medium to high-rise buildings sustainable by providing sufficient clean energy on-site is currently impossible