prototype Eemshaven

PowerNEST Prototype​, Eemshaven

IBIS Power has developed the PowerNEST technology and is the first one to introduce an effective solar and wind integrated roof energy solution. This is the result of a first sketch and vision in 2008 after which a process of research, design, development, testing, improving and further improving started until a product was created with an economically attractive market position and an improvement of factor 6 in energy harvest compared to the current roof energy solutions. This process has been carried and executed by a large number of employees and cooperative scientists from different American and European institutions.

After substantial Computational Fluid Dynamic simulation and flow optimization, PowerNEST 1.0 was the first employed full scale prototype with a 700W VAWT and a single solar panel for testing purposes. The prototype was tested with different turbine types for 12 months on top of 3 containers in Eemshaven, Groningen for power output, efficiency, structural safety, acoustic, vibrations, and birds/bats causalities.