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First PowerNEST installation at Henrietterdreef, Utrecht

PowerNEST 1.0 has firstly been tested for 12 months in the Eemshaven, Groningen, after which it was transported to be placed on a 10 storey residential building at the Henriettedreef in Utrecht. The test in Utrecht started in July 2017 and has lasted more than 12 months where our emphasis laid on the residents experience. On the left you can see the first-hand experience of the building residents Tineke, Marijke, and Wim who live right under PowerNEST, and the building owner representative Andre van Leeuwen of Bo-Ex Woningstichting.

10 Great Reasons to choose a PowerNEST

  • Wind and solar combined for most power on your roof space
  • Day and night / summer and winter power coverage
  • Novel and award winning technology
  • Aesthetic architectural roof addition
  • Zero annoyance of acoustics or vibrations
  • Placed is a day minimising nuisance for residents
  • Extending the building life time
  • Reducing energy cost of tenants
  • Attractive business case and payback time
  • An awesome innovation and a great team to work with

PowerNEST Power Potentials

The potential power output on your building depends on the local solar and wind availability. The following factors determine the renewable energy potential on your roof:

Solar Energy

  • Solar radiation mostly indicated by distance¬†from the equator
  • Cloudiness of the region
  • Shade areas due to surrounding obstacles

Wind Energy

  • Local wind availability (coastal higher wind than inland)
  • Building shape and orientation with respect to the main winds
  • Roof height and measurements
  • Surrounding buildings or obstacles

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