We are on a mission
making the world better by providing renewable energy solutions.
We stand by and believe in a guardship of the good qualities of humanity.

Dr. Alexander Suma

CEO & Founder of IBIS Power, Inventor of PowerNEST

Dr. Alexander Suma is a disruptive clean tech pioneer. His smart wind + solar hardware is changing the landscape of renewable energy across the globe. Dr.Suma is the chief architect of all IBIS power systems. Learn more about Dr. Alexander Suma


Ben De Laat

Chief Operations Officer at IBIS Power


Roel Weijers

Sales Manager at IBIS Power


Joana Teixeira

People and Company Development Manager at IBIS Power


Elena Kazakova

Marketing Manager at IBIS Power


Mart Raimond

Technical Project Manager at IBIS Power


Paul Bougie

Electrical Engineer at IBIS Power

IBIS Power Ambassadors
Community of like-minded people caring about our planet and supporting the vision and mission of IBIS Power.
IBIS ammbasador -10

Hugo’s Motivation: “It is a great honor to be an IBIS Power ambassador! I deeply believe in IBIS Power’s potential to accelerate the transition to renewable energies by installing highly ingenious PowerNEST wind and solar systems. By being an ambassador, I hope to contribute to the process, and to create awareness of IBIS Power.”

IBIS ammbasador -07

Tim’s Motivation: I am honored to be an Ambassador for IBIS Power, its forward-looking technologies, and what that means for the future. IBIS Power is “fighting the good fight” by providing solutions for global decarbonization. In a world that has become too reliant on extraction and consumption resulting in dire consequences, IBIS Power and PowerNEST represent a new generation of beneficial electrification by reducing reliance on fossil fuels. This mindset represents a great step forward in the democratization of energy around the world, and I’m proud to be part of it.

IBIS ammbasador [Recovered]-11

Johann’s Motivation: I truly believe in a sustainable future in which a triple helix approach of society, economy and environment are balanced. I think it is possible for people everywhere on this planet to exist peacefully along to each other to get the best out of mankind. I want my children, children, children to be able to enjoy life as much as we do right now or even more, and I want them also to be proud of the choices my generation made to take care for this planet.