Virtual tour of PowerNEST on Haasje Over building

Virtual tour of PowerNEST on Haasje over building in Eindhoven, Brainport, The Netherlands. PowerNEST is a full roof Integrated wind & solar energy system IBIS Power introduces the breakthrough solution supplying the needed energy for high rises. PowerNEST can be customized to blend with the architectural design thus increasing the aesthetical value of the building. Video Created by Kaiser VR

Webinar: The Electrical background of building integrated Solar and Wind solution

In the webinar, Vincent van Brussel  (Electrical engineer at IBIS Power) talk about how Wind turbines and Solar panels make energy for the building’s power systems. Mains points of the webinar: 1. The electrical system of a PowerNEST 2. Power per unit (CU, MU, Solar extension) 3. Grid connection & Power distribution

PowerNEST - Full roof-integrated Wind and Solar energy system

IBIS Power presents PowerNEST, a full roof-integrated Wind and Solar energy system for medium to high rise buildings, that combines wind turbines and solar panels in an aerodynamically enhanced modular steel structure, that fits roofs of any size and produces 6 times more energy than the conventional solar roofs. In this film, you can watch our last installation in Rotterdam and learn more about what it is, how it works and the value it adds to urban environments, by helping cities reaching their sustainability goals, complying with current building regulations, and is integrated into the architecture of new or pre-existing buildings as an attractive solution.

PowerNEST Installation

Installation PowerNEST have been installed for Rijksvastgoedbedrijf in Katwijk with @Everest Industriële Montage B.V. and Kropman Installatietechniek. From Nr. 2 and 3 up to Nr 1000 making the world clean and sustainable with wind and sun energy.

What is PowerNEST?

The Renewable Energy Solution for High-Rise Building. PowerNEST is more efficient than other existing renewable systems as it makes use of both wind and sun, integrated into a single solution.

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