Webinar: Rooftop solution PowerNEST for smart buildings

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Are you curious how to get more green energy from your rooftop?

The PowerNEST generates 6-10x more energy compared to solar only!

IBIS Power is a Dutch based scale-up company with an innovative technology named the PowerNEST. This technology was designed to meet the need for business and property owners to generate their own electricity whilst complying with increased sustainability requirements.

IBIS Power is hosting a one-hour interactive webinar which provides:
  • Company Introduction
  • PowerNEST technology & technical insights
  • Business cases, reference projects of the PowerNEST
  • Answer the most frequently asked questions
  • Requirements for a rooftop installation of PowerNEST
  • The most suitable locations
  • Vibration tension & noise level
  • Payback time & energy output

 for the following target groups: Energy Coordinators; Sustainability Officers; Purchasing Managers; Real Estate Managers; Project Developers; Business Development Managers; Financial Controllers; CxO’s;

We are primary interested in positioning our PowerNEST’s at medium to high rise buildings in built environments. These could be offices, hospitals, social housing corporations, logistic centers, hospitals, municipality buildings, energy plants, ministries, sporting clubs, etc.

Interested? Please sign up for one of our webinars that are planned between February 2nds 2023 and April 30th, 2023. Make sure to sign up and we promise to give an inspiring presentation that will change your perspective on generating your own renewable energy more efficiently!