Easily upgrade your building
to renewable energy

Why install PowerNEST?

PowerNEST is the only rooftop renewable energy system that can fully power a medium- to high-rise building. It’s a flowing kinetic sculpture of wind & solar tech, a stunning crown that provides on-site energy for buildings five stories or higher. PowerNEST is a ready-made, eye-catching solution for conforming to new legislation, like Local Low 97 and the European Commission’s “Fit for 55” emissions standards, before 2030.

Beyond its award-winning architecture, the innovative design of PowerNEST generates 6x more energy than solar panels alone. It harnesses the Venturi effect to add 40-60% more windflow, creating power even in a slight breeze. Cutting-edge solar panels are arranged bi-facially to generate energy above and below while being cooled by the air. The smart combo of wind & solar in PowerNEST captures more energy, in more weather conditions, than other on-site systems.

Reducing the electricity bill is just the beginning; this is energy independence driven by the power of nature.


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Benefits of PowerNEST

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Sustainable Building Regulations

The Paris Agreement marked a global mindset shift when a majority of the world’s nations agreed that humanity is irreversibly affecting the climate. Back at home, each country introduced its own regulations aimed at transitioning to renewable energy and meeting global sustainability goals. Many countries took immediate action by enacting environmental policies, which often included new building codes. PowerNEST helps buildings across the globe conform to their new local emissions standards.

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How much energy does PowerNEST generate?

PowerNEST uses smart wind & solar design to capture 6 – 10x more electricity than rooftop solar panels alone. Perimeter fins grab building facade upflow and channel it over a vertical wind turbine. The entire PowerNEST structure funnels airflow using the Venturi Effect to dramatically increase wind speed over the turbine. A bi-facial solar canopy captures more sunlight, at more angles, than a normal solar installation. The entire system can be adapted to optimize energy capture in your local weather conditions. That’s how PowerNEST silently generates enough electricity to fully power a 15-story residential building.

PowerNEST’s energy output depends on:

  1. Available roof space: minimum 50 m2 (550 sq ft) 50m2
  2. Roof height: minimum 5 floors
  3. Building orientation
  4. Geographic location
  5. Surrounding obstacles

How much could your roof generate with PowerNEST?

What makes PowerNEST unique?

PowerNEST aerodynamically enhances wind & solar power with a modular structure designed to capture maximum energy for medium- and high-rise buildings. PowerNEST is the only rooftop renewable solution that combines all these benefits in one system:

Wind turbine

●  Wind flow is guided over a vertical turbine, increasing its output 4x

●  Aerodynamic features pull facade upflow through PowerNEST

●  Venturi Effect accelerates wind speed 140 – 160%

●  Generates power in winds from 2 – 15 m/s

●  Survives winds up to 60 m/s

●  Noise level aligns with all building codes

●  Zero annoying acoustics or vibrations

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Solar panels

●  Layout is optimized to capture max. energy per square meter/foot

●  Wind-induced cooling adds 10 – 25% efficiency

●  Bi-facial solar panel arrangement is optimal for PowerNEST heights (5+ stories)

●  Cutting-edge hardware is made to the highest quality standards

Solar pannels

●  Customizable color & appearance

●  Extends roof and building lifetime

●  Built to last 20 – 50 years

●  The only on-site solution to meet BENG/NZEB/local law S7(LLS7)

●  Meets EU & international building codes

●  Helps qualify for LEED or BREEAM certification

●  Modular 7.2m x 7.2m (23’ x 23’) units tailor to available roof space

●  Bird and bat friendly while not attracting nests

●  Visible statement on the power of renewables

building management
Building energy management

●  Year-round renewable energy production

●  On-site energy, like having a rooftop power plant

●  Reduces electricity bills and pays for itself in 5 – 10 years

●  Independence from gas and fossil fuels

●  Replaces back-up diesel generator

●  Provides energy at peak times, reducing net-metering dependency

●  Lowers battery capacity required for energy storage

●  Smart Grid applicable, plug-and-play management system is ready to interface with your


What is PowerNEST?

PowerNEST is a rooftop system that stands as living proof to an energy-resilient future powered by nature. It’s a smart combo of wind & solar hardware capable of fully powering medium- and high-rise buildings with renewables. Installing a PowerNEST on your building can help it meet new emissions standards, cut its electricity bills, and lower its carbon footprint. You can achieve off-grid energy independence and reduce the world’s use of gasoline and fossil fuels with PowerNEST.


Solar roof with canopies & Reflection

       solar bi-facial

 Venturi Accelerated Wind Energy

 Induced cooling of solar

Our Energy Solutions

  • Generate renewable power on site, right where it’s used
  •  Combine wind & solar technology with smart design
  •  Capture maximum energy in every climate
  •  Upgrade existing buildings to renewables
  •  Make an elegant addition to your roof
  •  Are customizable to match your architecture
  •  Tailor to available roof space with modular design
  •  Extend roof and building lifetime
  •  Increase property value
  •  Reduce or eliminate electricity bills
  •  Provide shade that reduces cooling demand
  •  Shrink building emissions
  •  Help build energy-resilient cities
  •  Solve grid congestion
  •  Transition the world away from fossil fuels and gasoline
  •  Replace backup diesel generators
  •  Lower the battery capacity required for storag
  • Arrive Smart Grid ready
  •  Decentralize renewable power production
  •  Grant power security & energy independence
  •  Democratize energy for everyone
  •  Work 24/7, 365 days a year
  •  Include a plug-and-play management system
  •  Win international awards for novel design & tech
  •  Meet US & EU and international building codes
  •  Can be assembled quickly and placed in one day
  •  Keep birds and bats safe
  •  Stand as visible proof of renewable power
  •  Are built to last decades & backed by a world-class team

PowerNEST Fits Many Building Types

Any residential, commercial, or public building with a flat-roof that stands 5+ stories tall can install a PowerNEST. A minimum space of 50m 2 (550sq. ft.) is required for one unit, but more roof space dedicated to a PowerNEST system equals more energy output. PowerNEST is a perfect solution for urban and landlocked buildings. And in coastal or island areas, PowerNEST can work on rooftops below 5 floors.

Residential Building

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Commercial Buildings

sustainable solutions for public building

Public Buildings

sustainable solutions for office building

Tech Specs

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Origin of PowerNEST

PowerNEST is a rooftop installation that has won an impressive list of awards and grants since its inception in 2009. While our CEO Dr. Alexander Suma was studying for his PhD at the University of Miami, he was stunned by the number of A/C units running all day in his neighborhood. With 6 million people living in sunny Miami-Dade, all running their wasteful air conditioning nonstop, Dr. Suma knew it was time for a better solution…

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PowerNEST Videos

Check out the IBIS Power YouTube channel to find PowerNEST virtual tours, explainer videos, performance results, tech insights, and more renewable magic in action.

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