Full Roof Aerodynamically
Wind and Solar
Energy System
The More buildings we have with PowerNEST, the more we decrease pollution and cut the production of CO2 to 80%



Care about Climate change &
understand it's sense of Urgency


Upgrade buildings within
Sustainable Building Regulations


Run your building on solar & wind energy with PowerNEST

PowerNEST generates 6 times more energy than solar panels

The full roof PowerNEST system for medium to high-rise buildings is designed to generate up to 6 times more energy compared to the current practice of solar panels on a limited roof space. A rooftop structure that contains an integrated and modular solar and wind energy system that enhances the wind flow by a Venturi effect and uses solar cooling.

Is your building suitable for PowerNEST?

Why Choose PowerNEST

PowerNEST converts your buildings to renewable buildings. It is designed for flat roof buildings of 5 levels and higher and can provide all the energy needs for up to 14 levels.

Main features:

  • Wind turbine
  • Solar panels
  • Architectural integration
  • Building energy management

Our Projects

PowerNEST is the breakthrough solution for clean energy for high-rise buildings and is receiving many project requests worldwide. Find here some of the  projects we find outstanding.

PowerNEST installation at Eden District in Rotterdam

On June 15th, 2021 IBIS Power reached a major milestone by installing 3 modules of PowerNEST in Eden District in Rotterdam. It was a very busy and exciting day and the end result was a big success.


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Videos of PowerNEST

We prepare a playlist where you can learn more about PowerNEST – how it works, technology insights, architectural integration, virtual tour, results, and many more. Check our page or visit our IBIS Power channel on YouTube.