Let’s make the world to run completely on renewable energy, where energy is available for everyone in every part of the world, with solutions that fit in the human lifestyle in a sustainable collaboration with nature, and beyond.


IBIS Power provides revolutionary and innovative renewable energy solutions with highest impact to society. Our motto is “Redesigning Renewable Energy”, as we take state-of-the-art technology and transform it into solutions with added value towards a resilient future.

Harvest the wind &
sun for your energy needs

IBIS Power Products

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Wind & Solar combined and integrated energy for residential, commercial and public high-rise buildings

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Mobile wind and solar energy solution for temporary power requirements of festivals and events

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Wind and solar energy solution for post-disaster emergency needs, remote regions and defense support

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 Our Projects

PowerNEST is recently launched on the market and is receiving many project requests worldwide. Have a look here at the projects we find outstanding.


IBIS Power has won 22 International Awards

2018     MKB Innovation Award, Chamber of Commerce (NL)

2018     Building Holland Innovation Challenge (NL)

2018     Innovation & Entrepreneurship Award Berlin Competition

2017     Engie Duurzame Dinsdag Young Entrepreneurs Award

2016     Gerard & Anton Award (NL)

2015     EU-H2020 SME Phase II Winner with Score 96%

2014     UM Business Plan Competition (FL, USA)

2013     US Defense Energy Challenge (TX, USA)

2012     TEDx Amsterdam Award (NL)

2012     Herman Wijffels Innovation Award (NL)

Why Choose PowerNEST

PowerNEST is designed for flat roofs of buildings of 5 levels and higher and can provide all the energy needs for up to 14 levels.

  • PowerNEST is a hybrid, integrated solution generating energy from both wind and sun
  • PowerNEST generates up to 6 times more energy on high-rise roofs than regular solar applications.
  • PowerNEST generates energy during day and night, and summer and winter
  • PowerNEST reduces energy cost and provides an attractive long term investment in a clean solution
  • PowerNEST is a roof addition with an aesthetic appeal increasing the building value
  • PowerNEST does not give hinder in noise or vibrations
Ibis Power with Power Nest

What is PowerNEST?

The Renewable Energy Solution for High-Rise Building. PowerNEST is more efficient than other existing renewable systems as it makes use of both wind and sun, integrated in a single solution.

Let’s Make the Planet Cleaner

Decentralized renewable energy is the future of our cities. PowerNEST generates energy day and night to foresee all the energy needs of our home and workplaces.

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