PowerNEST (™) is easily installed on buildings of 5 levels and higher.

Design & Engineering

Expert advice on how to convert your building with sustainable solutions.

Is your building suitable for PowerNEST?

Did you miss out on the webinar? Here's the recording for you to catch up

In the webinar, Vincent van Brussel  (Electrical engineer at IBIS Power) talk about how Wind turbines and Solar panels make energy for the building’s power systems. Mains points of the webinar:

1. The electrical system of a PowerNEST

2. Power per unit (CU, MU, Solar extension)

3. Grid connection & Power distribution

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IBIS Power provides revolutionary and innovative renewable energy solutions with highest impact to society. Our motto is “Redesigning Renewable Energy”, as we take state-of-the-art technology and transform it into solutions with added value towards a resilient future.

Our Projects

PowerNEST is the breakthrough solution for clean energy for high-rise buildings and is receiving many project requests worldwide. Find here some of the  projects we find outstanding.

seal of excellence european union

Seal of Excellence by European Commission, our latest Award

IBIS Power has won 28 International Awards.

Why Choose PowerNEST

PowerNEST our main solution that converts your buildings, It designed for flat roofs of buildings of 5 levels and higher and can provide all the energy needs for up to 14 levels.

  • PowerNEST is a hybrid, integrated solution generating energy from both wind and sun
  • PowerNEST generates up to 6 times more energy on high-rise roofs than regular solar applications.
  • PowerNEST generates energy during day and night, and summer and winter

In the webinar, Alexander Suma (CEO and Founder of IBIS Power) talk about the features and benefits of our renewable solution PowerNEST and how it integrates with different types of buildings. How PowerNEST can be customized and aligned with climate regulations and architectural plans while adding value to the building’s aesthetics by hearing about all the available possibilities to make your building innovative and outstanding. Mains points of the webinar:

1.What is PowerNEST

2.How to design with PowerNEST

3.How to meet sustainability aesthetically

What is PowerNEST?

The Renewable Energy Solution for High-Rise Building. PowerNEST is more efficient than other existing renewable systems as it makes use of both wind and sun, integrated in a single solution.

PowerNEST Installation

Installation PowerNEST have been installed for Rijksvastgoedbedrijf in Katwijk with @Everest Industriële Montage B.V. and Kropman Installatietechniek. From Nr. 2 and 3 up to Nr 1000 making the world clean and sustainable with wind and sun energy.